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BudgetInMind for Mac, the powerful and easy-to-use financial software to enter, analyze and control your financial destiny.

Designed for the needs of individuals who wish to be on top of their financial situation.

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be smart, be on top of your finance

We made BudgetInMind so that you can see and focus on the bigger picture

With one tool, get all your data centralized, from any bank account to all your assets (car, house, loans...). Whether you have simple needs or have a foot in different countries and currencies, we have you covered. You can create the structure that suits your situation best. No fat or clumsy windows, just what you need, one click away.

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We make accounting easy for you

One Place to gather all your data

No cumbersome windows. Most actions are one click away from were you are

No need to be well versed in the accounting language. You name your accounts the way you want, we handle the complexity

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Adapts to your lifestyle

BudgetInMind manages several users to accommodate those of us that need separate family accounts. If you are an expatriate, and/or have accounts in different countries or currencies, BudgetInMind can seamlessly track them all as well. You can create a different budget per currency

You don't have to create a different account structure per currency or user, it's the same view, only BudgetInMind keeps your transactions in specific {user,currency} envelops for each account you designate

Create the structure you want, that adapts to your personal situation

Go deep or stay generic, name your accounts the way you want

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Enter your transactions in a snap

BudgetInMind lets you enter any real-life transactions as they occurred thanks to a powerful double-entry engine, through the use of bank accounts, customers, suppliers, asset & liabilities accounts

BudgetInMind makes book entry a rapid & satisfying experience, through extensive use of scheduled transactions, shortcuts, search & filtering tools and book entry cloning

Save any book entry as a shortcut and have immediate access to it. Alternatively, use the scheduler to enter regular monthly transactions such as wages, utility bills, rent, etc

Duplicate existing entries as a template

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Import your bank CSV file directly into BudgetInMind

BudgetInMind automatically reconciles your existing book entries with those in the CSV file from your bank.

BudgetInMind learns from your CSV file to propose valid book entries templates to choose from for quick insertion of your bank's validated transactions.

BudgetInMind won't mingle with your file. It won't enter new data without your express approval

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AirDrop files between Mac & iPad

Leverage OS X 10.10 and iOS 8 capabilities to seamlessly transfer files between devices

No need to store your sensitive financial data in the Cloud to benefit from easy sharing

With AirDrop tightly integrated into BudgetInMind, stay local, keep you data safe, and share it when you want on any of your devices directly from the application

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Access all your accounts

You are one click away to see any account, with direct access from the navigation pane to all your bank accounts

A tailored view presents all your bank accounts at once in an overall summary

Access all your assets & liabilities

Validating against your bank statements is fast (whether on the web or on paper), since bank account views mimic your real bank statements

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Powerful budget analysis

BudgetInMind gives instant access to your income statement, balance sheet and cash flow. You can drill down your account structure quickly, create a realistic forecast and track your expenses against it. You can compare side by side actuals, forecast and the delta

BudgetInMind helps you manage your finance globally and with precision. It offers a flexible and customizable account structure to best represent your particular situation. Drill down to any individual account or look at large masses, through the use of subclasses, clusters and classes hierarchical levels.
A single click suffices to aggregate balances per month or year, across users or currencies

You can choose from a library of graphs to visualize any accounts, subclass, cluster or class

No need to swap between the book entry view and the budget view to understand what you spent on a given category.
A click on any account balance in the budget view opens the quickview window summarizing all the transactions for this account and period

BudgetInMind has a fully integrated forecast engine that allows you to define your monthly budget per account and follow your expenses against it

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Advanced trading workflow

Create your own trading structure for each trading institution

BudgetInMind Trading & Pro versions offer an advanced financial module that tracks your stock market trading transactions. Once you created your trading accounts, you enjoy automatic tracking of the cost basis per trading position and BudgetInMind will generate buy or sell book entries for you

A professional trading view summarizes all your finance account valorizations on a daily basis, through web stock download, and keeps track of your profit & loss per trading position

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Need for more control?

When you need separate accounting with individual forecast, BudgetInMind offers the capability to equalize 2 users according to their actual and forecasted spending

When you added book entries on a copy of a file on another computer, you will be able to merge back the changes, providing that you have not changed the accounting structure

Even if you have separate accounting or have assets in various currencies, you can aggregate all your data accross all users or all currencies with one click!

And much more...

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Superb & comprehensive documentation

Comprehensive documentation readily available in the Mac help system

Includes tips and accounting principle tutorials

Preview our documentation here

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