Know your finances. Save Money

Personal Finance application for Mac & iPad

We designed BudgetInMind so that you can see and focus on the bigger picture

  • w

    Access to a global and comprehensive view of your financial situation and your assets

  • p

    Analyze precisely your revenues & expenses. Consolidate your data with one click

  • e

    Enter data quickly and easily, using duplicates, shortcuts, scheduler, and filtering

  • l

    Create a realistic forecast to achieve your goals with peace of mind

  • s

    Understand your spending with accuracy, check your balances against bank statements

  • g

    Analyse trends and act swiftly to fix deviations to your planned objectives

  • b

    Save all your financial data in a unique portable document, share it between your Mac and iPad

  • c

    Adapts to your lifestyle, use the modules you need (multi-users, multi-currencies, and trading modules)

BudgetInMind is a powerful double-entry personal finance accounting software for Mac and iPad that can track all your finance and provides in-depth analysis of your financial situation. It also features a fully integrated forecasting engine. Learn More

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